“I was looking for a software that caters for modern user experience, secure connectivity and storage with support over the phone or email. Ayiza 1touch was the best solution that allows us to do detailed book keeping without being accountants. It was the only software on the market that does bookkeeping, VAT, corporation tax and companies house submission in one place. This has reduced our errors, workload and amount of money we spent on software. This is the iPhone of software for small and medium sized businesses. Getting access for support and training was always harder with our previous software provider. Ayiza is available to us by phone, email and training is given when we need it.”

"We send a lot of invoices as a small businesses and wanted automated accounting generated without us having to hire an accountant. Ayiza offers a business friendly software that allowed us to take control of our data in a secure way. We can decide who gets access to what data as Ayiza was the only software that has segregation of duties features for small businesses. They even helped us to load our invoice template and moved our data from Xero to their software as part of their service. Ayiza also supported us to get paid online for our invoices that helped us keep track of customer invoice and payments from them. Very happy with the software and support from Ayiza."

“Before I used to have 5 different software to help me with my accounts, invoice payments, VAT, corporation tax and reporting needs. Now I have one software where I enter a bill or a customer invoice in a user friendly way and I get all 5 features automatically. The software is fully integrated and is laid Out like a modern IPhone with tiles. Very intuitive. We were able to move our data in less than 1 day using data tools from Ayiza.”

"We are a company that deals with a lot of projects. We had QuickBooks, Xero and other software to manage different parts of our process. Ayiza was able to give us an integrated process that allows project accounting to take place in an integrated way. Our accounts are automatically updated and we know the status of each project and whether billing has taken place or not. For the first time, we can see our accounts tie back to our project reports. One nice feature of Ayiza is their staff who are contactable in case we need help."

“Ayiza was recommended to us by our network. We are glad we took this recommendation. It is simply the best software..”

"As an accountant we were looking for a software that allows accountants to use accounting knowledge and our clients to have an ease of use. We also wanted to get away from multiple software. As an experienced Xero and QuickBooks accountant, we decided to move to Ayiza 1touch as it is integrated for all process such as accounting, VAT, Corporation tax, companies house etc. In addition, Ayiza were happy to develop features that benefit their community of users free of charge. We were impressed with Ayiza team as they had big software company experience but with small company approach. We felt they were listening to us. It also helped reduce our software costs. They helped us move the data across for all our clients. Something that we really appreciated."

"We moved from FreeAgent and Sage.. yes we had two software as both individually could not do everything we needed. Ayiza team was flexible on contract with us and we got all the features in one place. It is QuickBooks, multi-bank, can handle credit cards and is easy to connect with most banks in Europe. It comes with a banking dashboard for cash flows and we can see the status of each bank line in terms of reconciliation or accounting entries generated. Beautiful software!"

“We are a start up and had not heard of Ayiza. We outgrew Sage and did not want to use Xero or QuickBooks due to lack of features. On recommendation, we met the Ayiza team and they met most of our needs of a growing business. Ayiza's staff were contactable after we started to use it. We liked their modern approach of providing an iPhone experience via apps backed with excellent customer service. We did not need any computer admin staff anymore as we just raise a ticket to Ayiza to make changes that we need for users or configuration of system.”

"I have a portfolio of properties that I manage for myself and others. Ayiza has a property management software that integrates with their accounting module. This made it easier for me to focus on my portfolio for rental and management. I can now track my properties, overdue rents, contracts, income and expense, and keep track of legal certificates like gas and electricity. My accountant also moved to Ayiza as it is HMRC approved for VAT and income tax."