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Stay in control whether you have one or multiple properties.

  • Easily track and manage money coming in and out from your property.

  • Manage all property related admin – rent arrears, tenancy certificates, identification requirements etc at one place.

  • Readily manage MTD requirements to submit digital income tax as per the mandate from HMRC.

Estate agents

  • Easily track money coming in and out from the properties managed by you.

  • Email invoices, reminders, and documents to tenants.

  • Record tenant data and identification documents in line with GDPR requirements.

  • Manage all property related admin – rent arrears, tenancy certificates etc at one place.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you are a company, sole trader or a partnership, Ayiza cloud based software supports management of rental contracts, rent due list, expenses for properties, expense recharges for each property. A property can be set up to keep data such as address, owner, rental and sales value, peroperty featurs, utilites connected to propertie and inventory register per property. A rental contract can be set up and printed with one or more tenants. Ayiza can also maintain certificates for compliance for electric, gas, HMO etc.

Anyone of the followiing can use the Ayiza sofwtare:

  1. Private Landlords: Set up your properties, rental contracts and issue these to tenants. Manage a property to rent a room, building or a HMO. Run rent due list, portoflio reporting, return on investment reporting. Use the data for your tax returns as a company, sole trader or a partnership. Easily enter your data that has the same categories as the tax returns. Manage and review a list of valid certificates for each property for compliance.
  2. Rental Agents: Keep a list of all your applicants, landlords, tenants, properties with calculations for your margins per property. Manage a property to rent a room, building or a HMO. Automatically work out how much is due to landlord and how much is due to yourself. Run reports whenever you like. Use the data for your tax returns as a company, sole trader or a partnership. Issue retanl contracts and renewals for one or more tenants. Manage and review a list of valid certificates for each property for compliance.
  3. Property Managers: Keep a list of all your landlords, service charges, statements per landlord and running cost of each property. Manage on your behalf or manage other managers. Manage and review a list of valid certificates for each property for compliance.
  4. Investors in Property: Get access to your properties and valaue these in terms of income and capital increases. If an agent is managing your property, check your income and expenses.
  5. Tenants: Check your rent due and request services. Set up payments and get your statements on line.

Easy to use secure cloud software for properties that integrates with our accounting software real time. Making life easy for you.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a UK government initiative that aims to digitize and modernize the tax system. It requires individuals and businesses to maintain digital records of their income and expenses, and to submit their tax returns online using compatible software.

For property owners, agents, managers, MTD affects their reporting obligations for income from rental properties. Here are some key points regarding MTD for landlords:

  1. Digital Record Keeping: Landlords are required to maintain digital records of their rental income and expenses. This means keeping electronic records of all financial transactions related to their rental properties, such as rental income, expenses (e.g., repairs, mortgage interest), and any other relevant information.
  2. Digital Software: Landlords must use compatible accounting software to record and store their financial data. The software should be capable of connecting to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) systems to submit tax returns and interact with the MTD platform.
  3. Quarterly Updates: Landlords are required to submit summary updates of their rental income and expenses to HMRC on a quarterly basis. These updates must be made using the compatible software and sent electronically.
  4. End of Year Final Declaration: At the end of the tax year, landlords must make a final declaration to HMRC, confirming that their digital records are complete and accurate. This declaration is usually made when submitting the final tax return for the year.

As of April 2026, landlords whose income from their property or properties ( e.g. rent) exceeds £10,000 per year will be required to switch to using MTD for Income Tax for their income tax accounting and reporting. To ensure compliance with MTD, landlords should familiarize themselves with the specific requirements and seek professional advice if needed. HMRC provides guidance and resources to support landlords in transitioning to the digital tax system.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a requirement for VAT-registered businesses in the United Kingdom. However, MTD does not specifically apply to properties owned by limited companies.

Under the current regulations, if a limited company is VAT-registered and meets the VAT threshold, it must comply with MTD for VAT. This means that the company must keep digital records and submit VAT returns using compatible software.

It's worth noting that MTD focuses on VAT reporting and does not encompass all aspects of a company's tax obligations. Other tax-related requirements, such as annual accounts and corporation tax returns, are separate from MTD.

Since tax regulations can change over time, we recommend consulting with a qualified accountant or tax professional to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding Making Tax Digital and its applicability to your specific situation.

As per currnt information, HMRC requries returns to be submitted 4 times a year per property from a tax payer with property income of more than £10,000.00. This can change over time and it is recommended to check with HMRC.

Ayiza cloud software is designed specificcally for anyone who has requirements to track properties income, expenses and to produce VAT MTD, income or corporation tax.

Key feastures and benefits of using Ayiza for property management:

  1. Be Compliant: Ayiza helps you track your legal certificate validity and provides alerts before these expire. Use the data to generate reports for tax returns. When using Ayiza accounting engine, VAT MTD is automatically generated and generation of data for income tax and corporation tax (CT600) is also supported. If a company, Ayiza software can also submit to companies house.
  2. Reduce Manual Work: Use one softwar to record your income, expenses, recharges, rental contracts, inventory, commission calculations and generate accounting entries automatically without any knowledge of bookkeeping. Save money and reduce errors.
  3. Track Payments and bills: Integrated software from Ayiza links banks movements for payments to suppliers, tenants and agents. Get overdue payments for incoming receipts and outgoing expenses based on due date.
  4. Analytics: Real time reporting and analytics by property, portfolio and drill down to data that supports these. Get your

Single software to help you with compliance, accounting, analytics and security of data 24/7.