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The accounting experts at AYIZA will maintain your books so that you have less stress and more peace of mind.

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Focus on growth while we do the accounts

Our accounting service is designed for business owners who want little more help to stay on top of their accounts. It gives you the freedom to focus on your growth, at an affordable price, knowing you will have accurate and reconciled books every month.

What do we offer you

Free up more of your time with your accounts in expert hands

  • A dedicated accountant.

  • Personalised setup and onboarding.

  • Monthly categorisation of your income & expenses.

  • Reconciliation with your bank statement.

  • Business reports to get accurate picture of your business.

  • Free access to accounting software from Ayiza.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, a statement of work determines the accounting services for a monthly fee including acess to Ayiza software. These may include book keeping, VAT MTD, payroll, prepartion of personal tax return and accounts at the end of the financial year. For companies, these may include CT600 and companies house accounts. Each customer is unique and services are tailored to their needs.

If you need help in preparing tax return, Ayiza can support you. Based on the information provided by you, a tax return can be prepared that can be submitted by yourseld or Ayiza. All you need is a government gateway Id and ensure that this allows submission of your tax return.

Yes. Ayiza will appoint an accountant to keep your books. An accounting services fee is charged. If you do not want to pay any accounting fees, then try our self service accounting option that gives complete control over to you with zero accounting fees.

Based on your size, outsourcing accounting services could be cost effective and may save you time. Some businesses have complex accounting and tax needs that require specialist skills for compliance or management accounting purposes. If your busienss does not require specialist knowledge, you are doing all the admin yourself and can enter your inovices, then Ayiza's self service accounting option and tax may be for you.

Yes. If you outsourcing your accounting and tax needs to Ayiza, you will get access to a person via virtual meeting or email. In addition, access to software is also granted as part of the accounting service free of charge to let you see your data 24/7.

All your accounting data is available in Ayiza app. Just login and check your books, bank reconcilation, VAT MTD, VAT MTD, payroll costs etc. whenever and from whereever you want.

This is not normally reequired. All work is carried out remotely from UK based offices to ensure we are easy to access whenever you need to.

No. Our experts will use our software at no extra cost to you. We offer very competitve accounting services with us or our partners to ensure all our customers benefit from the same user experience. The cost to you of using our software is zero. Your books can easily be moved to our software so nothing to worry about.

If you are an accounting services customer, the software is free to access as we discount the software cost as part of the accounting service. Your costs actually reduce with Ayiza.